8 weeks from today…

…I leave for Uganda. That’s really hard to believe. As the days fly by, I alternate between being extremely excited and extremely overwhelmed. There is a lot to pull together in the next few weeks – plane tickets, visas, immunizations, not to mention the small matter of raising $14,000. Currently I am at about 5% of my needed support, with another 20%  tentatively pledged to come.

Through this process of raising support, I’ve realized a very important truth about myself: I’m sort of a control freak. (Well, to be totally honest, I probably already knew that about myself. But it seems to be an especially unfortunate character trait in this context). I like to be able to use my own abilities, energy, and time to achieve the results I need. And so I’ve brainstormed lists of potential supporters, gathered addresses, revised my budget… and still, I know that the most important and necessary thing I can do at this point is just wait, and trust. Trust that God unmistakably brought this opportunity to me – and thus He will be the one to see it to completion. Trust that God can bring the resources I need when I need them. Trust that God answers prayers  – which probably means I need to start spending a bit more time committing all these worries to Him instead of fidgeting nervously with my budgeting spreadsheet in Excel.

I suppose this blog post makes me sound more discouraged than I actually am. So just to clear up any misconceptions, let me say this: YES, I am excited to go to Kampala and am confident that the Lord will lead me through all the necessary steps to get there. I am just realizing that this process of waiting and trusting does not come easily to me.

Will you pray with me, that I will learn to depend on the Lord’s provision while I prepare for Uganda? 

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  1. Ben Crenshaw

    Krista, great post. You are right on. Learning to trust God even when he moves so unmistakably in our lives is still tough! But it’s so worth if if you can – don’t give up! I’m sure he will provide and that if you do commit these things to prayer he does hear you and he will answer. Will be praying for you.


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