Two Weeks to Go!

In two weeks I’ll be on a plane to Washington, DC, for Training Week at IJM’s headquarters, and I have a lot to accomplish before then. Take a peek at my ‘to-do’ list to get a better feel for what I’ve been busy doing these last few days.

I still have boring paperwork that I need to finish and send into IJM headquarters (donation checks, insurance info, etc). I also still have a stack of blank prayer cards that are eager to find homes on refrigerators around the world (if you have not received one, and would like one, let me know!) 🙂

On a different note, shopping continues to be a major aspect of my preparations for Uganda. It seems counter-intuitive to me to start out a year of simple living in Africa with a veritable shopping spree, but it’s sort of a necessary evil. This is my first ‘real’ job with a dress code and all, so I’m trying to make a wardrobe transition from college sweatpants to business attire that’s appropriate for a dusty African city.

There are also a number of various sundry items that just aren’t easily available in Uganda – ziploc bags, toiletries, underwear, walnuts, etc. And I’m still hunting through used book stores for a few good books to keep me company in my apartment in Kampala (Although I know of some options, I have yet to secure an apartment, which is beginning to become stressful. It’s a little bit difficult to go apartment-hunting from 9,000 miles away).

You’ve probably noticed the big lettering in the lower right corner of my to-do list: PRAY. I wrote it in big words like this, not because it’s what I do most often, but because it’s what I do least often. I have never been a huge prayer-warrior, and find it easier to focus on tangible things that I can check off a list. But I know the discipline of prayer is crucial as I prepare for Uganda and the big transition that is ahead of me, so I write myself not-so-subtle reminder notes. 😉


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4 responses to “Two Weeks to Go!

  1. Rachel

    Wow! My to do list looks very similar! Like you my list is mostly comprised of things to check off a list, whereas what I need to be doing is praying and preparing spiritually. I’m working on that part. 🙂

    • Looking forward to seeing you when you come to FCC. 🙂

      And one question on your “buy” list – Dr. Quinn?!

      • Yes, well… I have recently re-discovered my love for Dr. Quinn (said with a sheepish grin). I grew up watching the show in the early 90s, and borrowed the first season this summer from the local library. I have decided that Dr. Mike may in fact have been my original feminist-make-a-difference-in-the-world role model. So I’m going to buy season 3 (the best season, according to many reviewers) and take it with me to Uganda. 🙂

  2. That’s too funny! I hope you still enjoy them after the year is up. 🙂 I used to love that show as well.

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