An African Playlist

With just three days left before I take off for DC, I thought it was high time to make myself an iTunes playlist for my journey to Africa! Here’s a sampling of what I included…

To listen to the songs, you can either click this link: An African Playlist, which will take you to a Grooveshark playlist I created with these six songs on it. Or, just click on the title of each song for its link on youtube).

  1. Waka Waka, by Shakira. Okay so here’s the story behind this pick: Right around the time I interviewed for the IJM internship in Uganda, the World Cup was in full force and this song was being played in our house constantly thanks to Trevor. When I finally found out that I got the position in Uganda, this song pretty much became the soundtrack of my life as I danced around the living room (no one else was around). 🙂
  2. Up to the Mountain, by Patty Griffin. If you’ve never listened to Patty Griffin, you’re missing out. I first heard this song in my Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation class last fall. We were supposed to write a reflective essay on it (an assignment that was way too introspective  for my type-A personality!) It’s a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his “I have a Dream” speech. It’s what I listen to whenever I need to be reminded of the great legacy of justice that people like MLK Jr have left us.
  3. Giants, by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City singers. This song takes me straight back to TU chapels when the gospel choir led worship. It reminds me that despite the enormity of the giants of injustice, poverty, and spiritual darkness that I’ll be facing, the truth remains that God is here, and when we praise His name,  those giants gotta come down!
  4. Landa Yesu, by Selah. The Christian group called Selah is comprised of two MKs from Africa, and so a lot of their songs have an African beat and often are sung in Swahili, the trade language of East Africa.  This song is just a pure and simple call to the people of Africa to landa Yesu: follow Jesus. The raw urgency in the song gives me goosebumps every time!
  5. I Surrender All, by the Newsboys. When I was studying in Egypt in 2009, this song popped up on my iPod while riding the Metro in Cairo. I was in a strange city, surrounded by millions of people who needed love and the truth of Jesus. I felt overwhelmed, insignificant, and unprepared. This song reminded me that God just asks that we surrender our lives to Him, that it’s through our weakness that His power is made perfect. I think I’m going to need this reminder a lot.
  6. Adiemus, by Adiemus. Okay. To be honest, I have no idea what this song is saying (and yes, I know the dolphins in the music video are weird). The title is Latin, and it means “We Will Draw Near.” But I first heard this song on the trailer for Invisible Children, (about the child soldiers who are abducted into Joseph Kony’s militia in northern Uganda), and so this song will always remind me of Uganda and the huge need for justice and righteousness to reign in that land. And I love the African kids choir that starts up at 00:45 or so.

This playlist is a work-in-progress, so let me know if you have a great song I should include!


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2 responses to “An African Playlist

  1. my favorite travel songs- all across the western world and lines on the road (might not be the real title) by caedmon’s call, narahari, gaao re and baajo naam by aradhna and salaama ya salaama and habibi ya einy. 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I’ve been listening to your playlist and thoroughly enjoyed it. But one more that I just thought of is ‘Africa’ by Toto. 🙂

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