It’s Moving Day!!

I’m moving to a new house today! Don’t worry, I’m not leaving my beloved little neighborhood of Ntinda forever… just for a month. My boss (the IJM Uganda field office director) and his family are heading back to the States for a month-long furlough, so they needed someone to watch their house while they’re gone. They have a nice house that’s located closer to the center of town, with free rent for me and round-the-clock guards at the gate. So, it was a big sacrifice on my part, but I agreed to move in for a month. 😉

I, of course, am most excited for their big kitchen with all sorts of working kitchen appliances. A blender, bread pans, electric beater, 9×13 Pyrex pans, all at my disposal! What bliss! 🙂 (Yes, it is indeed the little things in life that make me sigh with happiness). I’m also excited to spend time playing their electric keyboard for hours on end, free to make as many mistakes as I want without anyone listening in. And… their well-stocked video/book library isn’t so bad, either.

Before you imagine me holed up in a big house for a month, eating baked goods and watching TV show re-runs to no end, I still have a full load of work at the office – a lot of projects have piled up that I need to finish by the start of the new year. And I actually will be traveling quite a bit during these next few weeks. Tomorrow a few friends from the office and I will jump on the overnight bus to Rwanda to spend a few days there, visiting the genocide memorials and hopefully doing a bit of hiking. When I get back, Christmas season will be in full swing here in Kampala, and there are all sorts of  events, church services, and reasons for celebration. Early in January, I head to Mombasa (on the Kenyan coast), to spend a glorious week at the Indian Ocean with my dear friend/college roommate Rachel and her family.

So, I guess I should say, you shouldn’t feel too sorry for me this Christmas season. Of course I miss my family, egg nog, twinkling lights on every house, my red wool coat, Christmas cookies, all the TU Christmas traditions, sledding, catching snowflakes on my tongue…okay, this could go on for a while.   But all things considered, I think have a pretty great month ahead of me.

Just a sidenote: you’ll notice this post didn’t have any attempts at deep insights into Ugandan culture, IJM, justice, Jesus, etc. It’s just about me and the little life I live. I hope that’s okay. Even though I’m living my dream by being in Uganda and working for IJM, at the end of the day I’m still just me, so sometimes what I write on my blog will just be silly little updates about the very mundane but real parts of my life. Sorry to disappoint anyone.


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3 responses to “It’s Moving Day!!

  1. Dad

    Princess, I am glad that you keep a grounded perspective on life: “I’m still just me.” That is part of what makes reading your blogs memorable. They are written by a real person about a real world. Enjoy the “good-life” this next month as you house-sit. Feliz Navidad! (not sure how to say it in the Uganda venacular.) 🙂

  2. Uncle Paul

    You are going to make all of us come to Kampala. But instead I guess we will move to Chengdu, China. We leave Dec. 29. Your family is coming over next Tuesday for the Boise State Bowl game, then we will go to their place for Christmas. Junella is trying to put together a Finkbeiner Game day between Christmas and New Years. It should be fun, but you will be missed.
    Love Uncle Paul

  3. Katie Painter

    Great to hear from you Krista! I love this post, it reminds me of my Peace Corps days when something like getting a new bread pan or borrowing somebody else’s blender was a big, big deal. Ah…those simple days.

    Everything is good here, busy, hard to get everything done with just me in the office. Today at least, is sunny, I’m headed out to Star to finish some cleaup chores. Been doing home visits to the farmers, it’s good to see them.

    Have a wonderful christmas and enjoy your travels!

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