It’s Been a Crazy Two Weeks

I just wanted to say I’m alive. And I’m sorry I’ve been absent from this blog for so long. One day led into the next and before I knew it, two weeks had passed since I last wrote! Two long, exhausting, action-packed, fun-filled, stressful, overwhelming weeks… I’ve had a hectic life recently.

So here’s the Reader’s Digest version. In the last two weeks..

1)      I returned from Kenya, incredibly refreshed, rather sunburned, and full of good old home cooking from Rachel’s mom. It was SO good to see Rachel and her family. Rachel and I lived parallel lives for most of our TU careers, in the same major, going on the same study-abroad program, volunteering in the same student ministries, until our senior year when we decided to take the final step in melding our lives together and become roommates!  Last September, right around the time I came to Uganda, she moved to the Middle East to teach English. I couldn’t be more proud of her. It was so good to reminisce about the past, share about the present, and dream about the future. Oh yeah, and we were also at the beach, staying in a huge beachhouse on the Indian Ocean. Every morning we went out snorkeling – seeing an octopus was a definite (rather scary) highlight. It was pretty much the perfect vacation.

2)      Upon returning to work, I got hit hard with an unpleasant reality — unlike being a student, in the adult world the workload doesn’t stop when you’re on holiday. You just miss more work and have to work harder when you get back. So for the first few days back in the office, I thought the sky was falling down around me, as I scrambled to meet HQ end-of-year finance deadlines and all sorts of equally pleasant tasks. But the deadlines came and went, I survived, and am happily back to thoroughly loving work and the IJM Uganda team.

3)      Three days after I got back, a few friends and I decided to look for a house together. Ever since I arrived in Uganda I’ve been wanting a more permanent place to live, ideally with friends. It was a flurried two days of meeting with realtors, checking out houses, making pros/cons list, and haggling down the price per month. Unfortunately, nothing we found had the exact specifications that everyone was looking for. So, plans sort of fell through, and I was back at square one. But I had been severely bitten by the “I want a place to call my own” bug, and so, in what may be the hastiest decision I’ve ever made, I decided to move into a new flat by myself anyway!

4)      And so, as of two days ago, I am the proud new tenant of a small two-bedroom flat.  All you really need to know is:  it has orange walls and lime green trim. And a Peter Rabbit bedroom. And I LOVE it. I promptly went out and bought daisies to fill up the place. I also love the window-pane kitchen cupboards, the gas oven that lights automatically and actually has a temperature gauge (a first in Uganda!), and the extra large freezer. Don’t worry, pictures will come soon once it’s all organized, but suffice it to say… I just adore nesting.  And I love that I have a second bedroom to offer guests, like the one who is coming tomorrow: MY DADDY!

5)      Yep, my dad is coming in two days! He’s teaching a two-week Bible class in Cameroon, and was able to just “hop” over to Uganda for a few days before his class starts (note to all my non-geographically-inclined readers — Cameroon is a LONG way from Uganda). It all came about rather quickly in the last few weeks, and I am just over-the-moon excited to show him my life here (and take him to one or two of the great restaurants that Kampala has to offer! Indian, Turkish, Thai, Ethiopian – how will I ever decide!?!) 🙂




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3 responses to “It’s Been a Crazy Two Weeks

  1. Nancy Cole

    Hi Krista,
    Glad to hear about your new place and all that is going on in your life and ministry. Give your Dad a big hug from all of us!! Since you have moved, could you please send me your new address. I need to change the address lables on the cards at FCC. Many thanks!


    • Hi Nancy, my address will actually stay the same (It’s the IJM post office box). So tell people to keep the cards coming! They have been SO encouraging. Right now I have a string of Christmas cards from FCCers lining the walls of my new apartment. It means so much to me!

  2. Rachel

    I think the highlight for me was not the octopus but the puffer fish that scared you, which then scared him! Haha! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new quirky home!! Have a fantabulous time with your Dad!!

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