Home Sweet [Orange] Home

Two weeks ago, I moved into a new flat. I had just finished house-sitting my boss’s house for a month, and wasn’t sure how I felt about moving back to my tiny, rather isolated apartment on the other side of town. I felt safe and comfortable there, but never really settled and content.

This flat I just moved into has been occupied by various IJM interns for the last three years, but has been vacant for the last few months. It was only when I was able to talk the landlord’s price down by 1/3 of the cost that I decided to take the plunge and move. And after just two weeks, I already feel more settled and at home in this little place than I ever did back at the old apartment.

It’s very small, very cute, and very, very, orange. And I LOVE it! Can I take you on a tour?

The kitchen (The curtains are made of fabric I got in Rwanda - I think they're my favorite part!)


I love the window-pane style of the cupboards.


I have enough couches and chairs for 10 people (a big improvement over the two chairs and one futon I had at my last apartment)

As overwhelming as the orange walls are, I do have to laugh – I used to say I really wanted a bright and cheery house, but never thought I’d have the courage to paint it such bold colors – and here I am in probably the brightest flat I could imagine! God definitely has a sense of humor.

Even the hallway is orange (kitchen on the right, living room on the left)

And last but not least, it has two bedrooms, which means anyone can come visit anytime you want! I would love to have you!

My room on the left, guest room (ie the Peter Rabbit room) is on the right.

Of course, there are things that I definitely don’t like so much about this apartment  – like the horrendously ugly marabou storks (imagine: evil-incarnate in bird form), that guard the trash pile outside, rendering it impossible for me to take out my trash. Ever. But rather than ruin this happy little post with more traumatic details of the marabou storks and just how much I despise them, I’ll save those details for another day.





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3 responses to “Home Sweet [Orange] Home

  1. Ryan

    Can I reserve that room for June through August???

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