Every Good and Perfect Gift

“Life is not an emergency, it is a gift.” – A Holy Experience

For all you facebook readers out there, this post will bear a remarkable resemblance to my photo album I just posted. But for all you non-facebook users, I hope you will enjoy this peek into my wonderful life for the last few days.

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Now, I generally love birthdays and celebrations of all sorts, but frankly the idea of turning 23 wasn’t thrilling in any way. 23 isn’t a pretty number (it doesn’t look nice, like 24, or 32, or any other even number with a lot of common denominators (and yes, that is how I decide if numbers are pretty)). It doesn’t have any significance attached to it, like 16 or 18 or 21. It just is an awkward barely-adult age that no one particularly cares for.

But friends who have recently turned 23 reminded me that actually, 23 has a lot of reasons to be celebrated. It most likely means you’ve been out of university for almost a whole year, and you’re still alive! 🙂 You’re past the age where people have a hard time considering you to be an adult, yet you’re not so old that you hate the idea of turning a day older and cringe to admit what age you are. It is an exciting age, the world is still open with possibilities! It’s an age to celebrate!

So in honor of my 23rd birthday, bearing in mind the significance of turning such an age, I scribbled down 23 gifts I’ve been given this weekend.


A 4 day visit with Rachel, one of my best friends. Whenever I spend time with her, I wonder how I live life without her! We complete each other’s thoughts, wardrobes, and sentences so commonly it’s almost eerie.


3 younger “sisters” to be my family here in Uganda. The Carroll family has, beyond a doubt, been one of the biggest blessings to me during my time in Uganda. These are the sisters I never had growing up!


1 perfect picnic on a peaceful hillside with flowers and honeybees, and, oh yeah, an army of ants. (You should have seen us screaming for our dear lives as we frantically shook the ants off our clothes and purses. We were such a spectacle that about a dozen young girls on their way home from school came by to observe us. Older girl says to the younger girl, “Come, we go now.” The reply: “No! We are still looking at the mzungus.” Oh dear…)


9 dear friends to celebrate life with. It is amazing to me that I have only known these friends for, at most 7 months, and at the least, two months. But they are all dear, dear friends who have blessed my time in Uganda in a million ways.


2 birthday packages sent with love from halfway around the world (no picture, because I ate the chocolate and hung the card up on my wall).

3 delicious meals of Korean food, homemade chips, chocolate cake with sprinkles (you really think I could remember such an occasion without food?) 🙂


1 community who shows me every week how beautiful it is to be part of the Body of Christ in all of its messy, loving, laughing, struggling, failing, glorious beauty.


All together, 23 good and perfect gifts, that remind me of the Father’s love for me, of his gentle touch in my life, slowly revealing His unchanging, unshifting love and goodness through a friend, a smile, a picnic, a family, a card, a community.



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5 responses to “Every Good and Perfect Gift

  1. Dad

    Your blog brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Enjoy 23!

  2. Grampa Paul

    I must be getting old a Grandaughter that is 23! Your adventures are more exciting than mine. Cherish every minute because you are one in a million that have these life changing experiences.
    Love Ya
    Grampa Paul

  3. Mom

    so the math teacher in me just had to check your arithmetic… Yay! A+ for the day! Nice blog by the way. 🙂

  4. Irv, Kathy & Rebecca Pritchett

    Krista, your entries are so rewarding to us, your readers. When we are reading them it seems as though we can hear your voice telling us of your adventures and sharing how God is moving in your life. We can see your smiles, feel your warmth, hear your laughter, and experience your emotions as you journey through each day. Thank you for bringing your experiences, there in Uganda, back to us wherever we may be. You are special, and it has been wonderful to travel with you through your writings. For you 23rd birthday, we wish you another 23 years of His divine guidance in your life. We miss you and your family, and look forward seeing everyone again.

  5. Uncle Bert

    You have to recalculate when I get to Uganda.

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