To My Mom

So, I failed this Mothers’ Day. I didn’t exactly realize till a few days ago that it was Mother’s Day this weekend – which definitely meant there wasn’t enough time to get a card in the mail. I thought about the option of sending flowers,  but that idea got very expensive very quickly. So, I’m not sure how many words flowers are worth (if they are like pictures, then I’ve got to  write a LONG post), but in lieu of flowers this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do my Mom the honor of embarrassing her in front of the whole wide world-wide web! 🙂


I know this is a lame way to tell you I love you on Mother’s Day. I would have much rather been there in person to celebrate this day with you – but goodness knows we haven’t been together for a whole lot of Mother’s Day these last few years, so I guess we’re used to this set-up.

I also know that all the things I’m about to write are verging on the edge of cheesy, but I think most cheesy statements have a solid grain of truth in them, which is why I like using them a lot.  And the truth is that every year that passes, I grow more and more thankful for you.  I grow more and more in awe of all that you’ve taught me and all that you’ve sacrificed for me.

For taking me out of public schools when I was five years old, sacrificing a salaried life of teaching math, to teach us three kids at home instead…

For the hours you spent reading books to us, sounding out the words and listening to us patiently as we painstakingly read them back to you… For the cookie-baking and applesauce-making, recognizing and encouraging my eagerness to “help” in the kitchen even when that meant more hassle than anything…

For the field trips we took all over Maryland, reliving the days of the pilgrims, the colonists, the pioneers – sometimes in our backyard, sometimes in the halls of Mt. Vernon or Ft. McHenry… For turning every possible moment into an educational opportunity, even when we rolled our eyes at you (If there was a “Best Homeschooling Mom” competition, you would have surely won) – thank you.

For following Dad’s dream to move overseas and teach the Bible, for adapting graciously to a new culture, a new lifestyle, a new calling and ministry, all the while taking care of and homeschooling us kids – thank you.

You taught me what it looks like to really "go native"

For recognizing my desire for a different learning environment with peers my age, for putting me on the plane to boarding school even though it was hard for you to let me go, for staying involved in my life despite the miles that separated us (even when that meant personally  following up with a certain teacher whose class I was struggling with,  embarrassing my 13-year old self to high heaven) – thank you.

Most parents put their kids on a school bus, you put us on an school plane. We traveled in style!

For teaching me all the most important life skills, like how to play a mean game of Settlers (and other things, like baking bread and typing and swimming and all that) – thank you.

For always being proud of me but never letting me settle for second-best – thank you.

For instilling in me a love for adventure and being active, for scouting out the map for the next place to visit, for being the trailblazer for all our outdoor adventures – thank you.

For encouraging my passion and sending me off with a smile as I left for Uganda, saying goodbye at an airport for what seems like the thousandth time in our lives – thank you.

I am so thankful for the great mom, teacher, and friend you continue to be to me even from across the miles that separate us. From the small things like our shared sense of fashion (or lack thereof) and favorite recipes, to the big things like your godly wisdom and sacrificial lifestyle, you continue to mold and shape the woman I am becoming. I am so thankful for a mom that is truly one of my best friends. I love you!


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4 responses to “To My Mom

  1. Krista – I LOVE reading your posts. You have a great ability to express yourself and I think today’s post is one of your best – although I think they are all the best! I often think of you and pray for you and trust you to God’s care. Thanks for sharing so much of your life through your blog.

  2. Mom

    wow… I came home from church this Mother’s Day, thinking that my day would have been perfectly complete had you been there with us, and found this new blog waiting for me in my news feed. Very special- way more special than flowers! Thanks for completing my day.

    Love you SO much! ~Mom

    P.S. Can’t wait for our next adventure -wherever and whatever that may be!

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  4. Krista, we knew your mom and dad before you were born. You are evidence of what kind of mom your mom is! Very sweet tribute.

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