Weekends are for Living

Weekends are for baking…

with a dear friend…

And for walking…

And worshipping…

I had been out of commission most of this week with a bummer of a stomach bug (Pros: first real sickness I’ve encountered since being in Uganda, getting to stay home from work and watch silly TV shows I rarely watch when I am my normal self; Cons: being sick without a Mom around to soothe my fevered brow, missing work and having to work extra hard to catch when I returned to office), but with the weekend came a return to 100% health and 100% living!

And it’s good to just live sometimes – not saving the world one widow at a time, not planning and preparing for the future, not anxiously grappling for my next Africa-immersion experience – just living.



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3 responses to “Weekends are for Living

  1. Uncle Bert

    Krista is all that baking for the new Cafe? Do you have any Walnuts and Chocolate Chips left after all that baking?

    • Well… it’s not baking for the cafe exactly, because Gloria hasn’t opened it yet (but it’s coming together really nicely!). But it was sort of practice baking for the cafe. 🙂 And my chocolate chips are running out fairly quickly, but I still have a whopper bag of walnuts! 🙂

  2. Karin

    I love seeing pictures of you except that it makes me miss you way too much. Can we do another skype date PLEASE!? I miss you. Also I just realized one of our international friends did the Peace studies program at Notre Dame while we were there. She is amazing and I’m sure would love to talk to you if you had any questions about it.

    I LOVE YOU! Miss you!

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