New for the Month of July: Snapshots #1

In an effort to soak up every last bit of my last five weeks (gulp!) in Uganda, I’ve decided to do a (not so original) picture-a-day series for the month of July. I’m hoping this will incentivize me to look for the special moments in each and every day as I wrap up my time in Uganda, and give my readers a solid grasp of my day-to-day life here, before I come back home and this time is lost. So let me know if there are certain parts of my life that you want to get a glimpse of, and I’d be delighted to share. 🙂

First up: A night at Zanzi’s

First of all, I love this picture just because of how big we’re grinning. We’re borderlining cheesy, but what’s a real smile without a touch of cheesiness?

We took this picture last night to commemorate Ray’s last night with the gang. Ray (far right), has been the faithful Church & Community Relations Fellow at IJM Uganda for the last 1 1/2 years, and is leaving tomorrow morning to return to his home state of California. Ray’s been a constant friend and encouragement to the IJM Uganda staff and we are all sad to see him go.  He has long had a love affair with a Ugandan street food delicacy, muchomo, also known as pieces of pork roasted on a stick. So the young(ish), single(ish) group of IJMers took him out to Zanzi’s, a local restaurant that specializes in grilled pork.

A 4-km mini-bus ride to the restaurant that took 45 minutes (it was rush hour): 50 cents

One kebab of grilled pork: $1.50

Chance to eat with your hands and not get in trouble: $0

Hours of laughing and reminiscing with Ray and his time in Uganda over a communal plate of pork with sticky fingers: priceless.

That’s all for now. Check back tomorrow for another snapshot – and let me know if there’s a particular glimpse of Uganda life you’d like to see make its way onto my blog.



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2 responses to “New for the Month of July: Snapshots #1

  1. Junella Hagood

    When you get back to Idaho I’ll buy the pork if you can teach me how to roast it. Be sure to find exactly what kind of pork to buy. I’m looking forward to a month of learning.

  2. Rachel

    I’m excited to see your pictures!!

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