Snapshots #2: Coffee Shop Love

Kampala, meet Endiro Coffee.

Endiro Coffee, the latest (and prettiest. and best.) coffee shop to hit the streets of Kampala opened up last Monday for business. I’ve been three times in the last three days. I think I’m in love.

Of course I love a good coffee, but I really love Endiro because of the story behind it. My good friend Gloria (in above picture, on right), has had the dream of starting this coffee shop ever since I met her. She’s been a missionary in Nepal and has traveled the world, but her heart now is focused on the vulnerable children of Uganda, and she wanted to open a coffee shop as a means to support some discipleship initiatives she’s developing for child-headed families and other neglected members of society here. Which I think is GREAT. Who doesn’t love buying a latte and feeling like you’ve just done one small thing to save the world?

So not only is it a super-cool socially-conscious pay-it-forward kind of place, it’s also really yummy (see the waffles above? They’re the first ones I’ve had in Uganda!), and really peaceful (surrounded by trees and purrrty flowers), and really close to my house (a 10-minute walk!). Gloria and I are talking about how I can do some baking for them, too… next Saturday’s special might be Krista’s Cinnamon Rolls!

In my effort to support what is simply the best place in town, I’ve taken a different friend there every day – coffee with visiting TU students on Tuesday, lunch with our newest IJM intern on Friday, breakfast with my old-time friend Esther today – they have all become quick devotees to the cause. I still am not at the “I’ll just take the regular” ordering point yet, but give me another week. πŸ™‚


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11 responses to “Snapshots #2: Coffee Shop Love

  1. Retta Renich

    Krista, you are amazing and I just love your posts – I think your life will always be so interesting that you’ll just have to blog forever!! Today’s post is such an encouraging one: I love what Gloria is doing and I love what you are doing to support her. God has gifted with you with so many wonderful experiences and I’m sure Gloria will always be grateful for your encouragement to her. Blessings on your remaing time in Uganda. We supported a Compassion young man in Uganda as he was starting school and we were returning to the USA in 1995. He just recently finished high school and has done well. We’d loved to have visited him but so far it hasn’t been possible. We’re hoping to be back at CLTC in September. Just waiting on PNG Work Permit!

  2. Rachel

    Tell Gloria congratulations for me next time you go! It looks lovely!! (oh, and let’s talk soon!)

  3. sadams2

    reserving my official judgment for a few good trips there later this month, but the snaps look great!

  4. Thanks Krista πŸ™‚

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  6. linda

    i think endiro is great………………..all those guys are amazing.linda

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  8. Thank you for this review of my dear sister, Gloria ‘s coffee shop. I am missing her greatly here in the states and it is wonderful to see the pics. Please tell her to call me when you see her.

  9. Just happened to come across your blog. I live here in Uganda, in a village outside of Jinja. Would love to visit this coffee shop next time i’m in Kampala- would it be possible for you to tell me how to get there?

    • Hey Gabi! Sure, I don’t know how familiar you are with Kampala, but it’s in the Kisimenti shopping centre, off of Accacia Ave. It’s next to Banana Boat and Checkers supermarket. Hope you make it there!

  10. Perfect! I’ll find it πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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