Snapshots #3: Christ Community

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve probably heard about the Sunday afternoon fellowship group that I am a part of. Today I was the resident stalker and snapped these shots of my fellow Christ-Communers (is that a word?).

I just love watching everyone interact. We were talking on the walk home about how diverse it is – young and old, students and adults, single and married, Uganda and American and British, brother and sisters, husbands and wives… they’re all there.

Some of us pray out loud more than others, some of us sing better than others, some of us cry more than others. Yet we’re remarkably similar –  we all have problems, are all in need of prayers, are all loved by God and adopted into His family.

I never expected to find myself so deeply invested in a church family for this short year I’ve had in Uganda. I am already mourning the loss of this precious gift when I leave in 5 weeks, but I am so thankful for what has been, and what is to come –  for all of eternity!



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3 responses to “Snapshots #3: Christ Community

  1. Nancy Cole

    AMEN!!! Love the insightfulness of your blog. Looking forward to seeing you when you are back in this area!

  2. everyday pics. everyday pics. thank you mary-k

  3. Hey Krista,
    I had never looked at your blogs till Daddy told me, “Just so you know, you’re famous…you’re in a picture on Krista’s blog!” So I had to check it out. And I really enjoyed it…hope to talk to you sometime this week!

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