Snapshots #7: Girls’ movie night [IJM Style]

Recently, we’ve been trying to start up a tradition of Thursday night movies at my place for all of us IJM girls. This week, we watched this movie:

Yep, no romantic comedies for us. We watch courtroom thrillers.

I love these nights because I really see the personalities emerge from all my IJM friends and co-workers. Many are lawyers, which means that conversation is typically way over my head.

While I’m busy yelling at the TV screen: “No no no no don’t kill her!… Wait, he IS innocent! They can’t do that!… OHMYGOSH I CAN’ BELIEVE HE JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL”,  Ruth is picking apart the criminal trial, Gerry is analyzing the quality of the state prosecutor’s cross-examination (and remarks that it’s a lot easier to fluster the witness when you don’t have to translate every question and response into Luganda), and Wendy is throwing around big words like “breaching attorney-client privilege”. Claire, aftercare specialist, pats my hand comfortingly: “It’s okay, Krista. You know it’s just a movie.”

Thankfully, my co-movie watchers are really gracious and let me stop the movie about every 14 minutes to ask questions: “Wait,I don’t get why he can’t just tell the judge that he just realized his client is actually the bad guy?”

What I learned from tonight – my friends are good lawyers. I, however, would not be. 🙂


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