Snapshots #10: Bread-Baking

Over the past six months at Christ Community, I’ve filled the role of Bearer-of-Baked-Goods for most Sundays. But with my impending departure looming ever closer, we decided it was time to do a little ‘passing of the torch’, if you will. I was geared up for something simple like cookies or wacky cake, but they all decided that they wanted to learn how to make bread (gulp!).

All I know about bread-making comes courtesy of my dear mother, who suffered through many recipes that I insisted on ‘helping’ her with,  and my blogosphere role model, The Frugal Girl. I’m no expert (my bread is always denser than it should be), but I passed on what little I know, and everyone was quite pleased with the results. We even calculated how much cheaper it would be to make our own bread (a 75% decrease in cost).

I never was the most domestically-inclined person growing up, but it is amazing what life as an MK teaches you in the way of baking and home-making – it’s been fun to utilize some of that knowledge during my time in Uganda.


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