Snapshots #9: Mmm, Koshary

Tonight, I made Egyptian food. Yes, I know I live in Uganda, but koshary remains one of my most favoritest things to eat, after many fond memories of eating this common street food when I studied abroad in Cairo. A massive portion of koshary (enough to feed 3 girls), just cost 40 cents, and the best place in town was just four blocks from our flat. So, when I found dried cruncy onions imported from Pakistan in a local Indian store a few months ago, I knew that making koshary was inevitable.

As you may have ascertained from the photograph, this recipe is a carb-fest, so if you don’t believe in carbohydrates, you may want to avoid this recipe. But if you have a fruit/vegetable stand right outside your house with cheap and fresh tomatoes, access to rice and authentic dal, and an Indian store that stocks Pakistani fried onions, then you’re in luck, because this is the perfect recipe for you! {A personal affinity for vegetarian recipes probably wouldn’t hurt, but this recipe is so filling that even meat-lovers might be pleasantly satisfied!)



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2 responses to “Snapshots #9: Mmm, Koshary

  1. Rachel

    YUM!!! You know, I haven’t had any koshary since Cairo. I must try to make it soon!

  2. you definitely should! The recipe I linked to is pretty easy, and definitely yummy (I added a bit of cinnamon in the sauce because I remember Kareema putting that in everything all the time).

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