Snapshots #11: It’s Dark

Well, folks, today marks the sixth day that my power supply has seriously struggled to perform well. Ever since the government realized they were $80 million in debt to private electricity companies (which recently decided to just stop supplementing Uganda’s electricty without fair payment), Kampala has been on 12-hr load-shedding shifts (a euphemistic phrase that basically means: no power, for extended amounts of ime).

So, my computer dosn’t have a lot of life left on it, my camera has a hard time taking pictures in the dark, and frankly, I’m grumpy at the government and don’t really feel like taking a picture and waxing eloquent about the beauties of life in Uganda.

It’s just been one of those days, you know?

To save you from a-day-without-a-snapshot, here’s a picture from my travels to Tanzania. When I saw this flame tree (literally, that’s what it is called), with the early morning sunlight rising over it, this line written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning kept popping into my mind.




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4 responses to “Snapshots #11: It’s Dark

  1. Hi Krista – just want to sympathize with you! Even here in our part of the USA many places are without power from a terrible storm this morning. I just went up to Walgreens and they couldn’t let me in the door (at 3:30pm) as they’ve been without power since 7:30am and said they’ve been told it could be days before it’s restored!!! Thought this might bring you some comfort. Bruce just came back from the bank who couldn’t do a transfer because their computers are down! While we were in Kansas last week we stayed with a friend for 8 days who had no internet connection and at Bruce’s mom’s whose connection was painfully slow! We agree it was getting us ready for PNG!! Loved the photo anyway and enjoyed a Flame tree in our yard in the Sepik area of PNG. Blessings on your remaining days there.

    • Thanks, Retta – that helps put it in perspective! It’s tempting to think of everything always working perfectly in the US, but I know that’s not the case. I am excited to hear you guys are heading back to CLTC! When do you hope to arrive?

      • Bruce’s Work Permit has been submitted and then visas, so we’re looking at sometime in September to be at CLTC. We are excited, but a bit tired of waiting to go!!!

  2. sadams2

    we prayed for uganda’s power outages at HQ today. love them.

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