Snapshots #12: High-Class Living

(I am not sure if I should tell you this, because it might ruin your idea about my life in Africa. Oh well.)

Tonight, Ryan and I were treated to a dinner out by our dear Uncle Bert.  I am convinced that everyone needs an Uncle Bert in their life. He came to visit me in April, and while he was here, he took me out to one of the fanciest restaurants in Kampala – the revolving restaurant that overlooks the entire city with a 360 degree view. It’s one of only six in Africa, so it’s a pretty big deal. We had a great time, and so when Ryan arrived in country a few weeks ago, Uncle Bert made me solemnly swear to use some money he had given as a way to treat Ryan to a nice dinner out. I happily obliged, of course.

And as a bonus snapshot for you, guess what we saw while admiring the city lights of Kampala? (You’ll never guess)

Yessiree, that fuzzy green thing in the sky is a bonafide UFO coming in for a landing on the streets of Kampala.

(And you thought fancy restaurants and alien invasions didn’t exist in Africa).


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