Snapshots #13: Twins

Claire and I showed up to work today wearing the same thing – which, of course, called for a picture. We look so similar today that if you saw us on the road, you’d think we were sisters, right? 🙂

Claire has been one of my best friends here in Uganda. IJM’s newest aftercare specialist, she joined IJM in November after working for a variety of compassion ministries and NGOs in Kampala. Married with a darling baby boy, she really is like my older sister. She smiles as I freak out about what the future does or doesn’t hold, listens to me blow off steam as I leave the office after a frustrating day, and tells me what outfits do and don’t look good together (a very valuable skill that I don’t really have). Always ready to listen, she knows when I am down and need a hug, and has an incredible amount of patience (you can tell she’s a good social worker!). With our clients, she’s professional, caring, smart, and well-loved and trusted.

Around the office, she’s known for her characteristically sarcastic edge even when she’s being sweet. Today, she told me that it would be better if I just left tomorrow – because the longer I stay the harder it will be to say bye. Sigh. Goodbyes stink.


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3 responses to “Snapshots #13: Twins

  1. Donna Adams

    I really could hardly tell the two of you apart. Amazing!!!!!!
    Two beautiful Godly women standing shoulder to shoulder, bathed in His grace- a picture that truly is worth a thousand words.
    Bless you both
    Donna Adams

  2. Jennie

    Did I tell you about the time that my sister and I showed up to my bridal shower wearing the same outfit?…Somehow it’s not quite as cute when it’s your actual sister who matches you (at age 22)! 🙂

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