Snapshots #15: A Bike Named Domino

Meet Martin, IJM guard and gatekeeper extraordinaire. And meet his bike, Domino.

If there’s one person this year who’s taught me what it looks like to seek justice for widows and orphans, it’s Martin. He’s not on the front lines of battle, so to speak. He spends his days sweeping the compound, opening the gate, picking up morning snacks from the market, and responding to my frantic cries for help when I answer the outside phone and the caller starts yelling wildy in Luganda (which Martin happens to speak much more fluently than me).

Yet every morning devotion that  he leads involves some reminder from the Psalms about God’s heart for justice, his prayers for our clients and our work raise the roof (you can almost feel the pounding on heaven’s door), and the diligence and joy with which he goes about his work is always challenging.

So back to the bike. He rides his bike back and forth to work every day, and uses it for quick trips to pick up snacks at the market. One day I told him how much I loved riding bikes back in the States. His response: “Oh sis! You must take Domino and ride, please. Anytime, you can feel free!” (An offer I have since taken him up on. I only ride on our little back street to the corner store, but it’s still super fun to be on a bike after so long!). When I asked Martin – “so, is Domino the type of bike or something?”, he responded with a characteristic laugh (actually, it’s more of a giggle):  “‘No, sis,[giggle] I just wanted to give it a name. And I like Domino so I thought sure, I’ll name it Domino [giggle].”

It’s hard to be grumpy when you’re working with co-workers like that. 🙂


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One response to “Snapshots #15: A Bike Named Domino

  1. Mom

    Martin sounds like an awesome guy. Be prepared to meet Rhino when you get back to Idaho. Dad calls his bike Rhino, because it has handlebar extensions that “look” like rhino horns!

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