Snapshots #16: Settlers of Catan

I’ve decided there are only three things I need to feel “at home” in a place. I need a running loop, an oven, and ample opportunities to play Settlers of Catan. Give me those things, and I’m happy.

You may think I’m flippant for counting Settlers as one of the marks of being “settled” in a place (pun may or may not have been intended), but it’s actually quite a helpful indicator. First of all, playing Settlers means that you have friends with whom to play Settlers. And these friends are friends who think that playing an old-fashioned German board game on a Saturday night is actually a fun night out.

The first half of this year I really struggled, because although I had carved out a running loop (on back roads with relatively few near-death traffic encounters), and tamed my temperamental oven (that turned on occassionally, and always cooked things at 10 degrees higher than it was set), I had no Settlers.

So there was much rejoicing when my Dad brought it over in January. I promptly took it to the Carrolls‘ house, who loved it so much they bought the game themselves, taught Scott and the IJM crew how to play, invited Phil and Julie over for dinner and Settlers, and played it tonight over at my friend Hannah’s house.

Should I be worried that I don’t even know how to have a game night without Settlers? Is this a case of unhealthy dependence? 😉


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