Snapshots #17: The Ever-Useful Boda

(sorry for the delay in this post. We didn’t have power last night, and my camera got stolen/lost/MIA at some point yesterday. Fun times, right? We’ll see how long a snapshot-a-day can persist without my trusty Panasonic sidekick.)

Now I know I’ve talked about boda-bodas mostly as a form of public transportation for humans. I ride them back and forth to work every day. But they are far more than just a personal taxi service. They double as wheelbarrows, livestock carriers, delivery carts, anything you want really. I have seen 20-metre long metal pipes on a boda, 200 cabbages in a sack on a boda, upwards of ten or twenty chickens on a boda, sometimes a whole family riding a boda. I’ve even seen someone carrying a large glass window on a boda – in rush hour traffic!

The best I’ve done is to carry cakes and multiple bags of groceries on a boda. Oh yeah, and I was riding side-saddle with heels. I was pretty darn proud of making it back to the office with the cakes and myself alive, until some over-achieving boda rider like the one below passed me. Then I just felt silly.  🙂

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