Snapshots #18: In the Village

I normally don’t make a habit of taking pictures of adorable Ugandan children on the side of the road just because they are adorable (I just keep imagining how bizarre it’d be for a Japanese business guy to cruise down the streets of Bible Belt Suburbia and take pictures of pig-tailed girls playing jump-rope in the lawn. Not an exact parallel, but you get the idea). However, I can be persuaded otherwise, and these kids literally begged me to take a snap, after which they ran away screaming in giggly excitement.

It was a distant picture, not very focused, not very composed, not particularly artistic. But I do love the laundry in the background, the different poses and attitudes of the kids. And I guess I just like this picture because normally, I can’t just take pictures like that at work. Normally I’m just in the office, but today I got to spend time out in the field, and it was so good (in a hard, challenging, refreshing way – more on that in tomorrow’s post). It will be days like these that I miss.

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  1. Junella Hagood

    And…..we will miss your daily posts. Just want you to know the folks back in the states are receiving these.

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