Snapshots #20: Skype Date

So I know our society is already over-inundated with technology and instant communication in every shape and form, and I should probably wax eloquent about how good it is to live the simple life here in Africa… But sometimes, modern technology is just the best thing ever. I love being able to text my brother from 10,000 miles a way, see friends face-to-face with the click of a button, and have my parents available almost any day of the week to chat.

Today, I got to talk to this dear friend:

Jennica and I have been friends for just a year or two now. We lived in the same dorm at college, and I always thought that we would probably be kindred spirits, but we never really crossed paths until my senior year, second semester, when we took Biblical Theology together.Β  I discovered that she loved to ask questions and ponder the answers as much as I did, and almost every day after class we had animated discussions about the political and social implications of the Kingdom of God as we walked back to our dorm. We were instant friends.

When I graduated from Taylor last summer and headed off to IJM, we began talking about her plans for saving the world after graduation this May. She expressed interest in an international IJM internship, to which I promptly responded (very professionally): “oh-my-gosh-it’s-the-best-thing-ever-you-HAVE-to-apply!!!!”

I’m happy to report that she did apply, and got accepted, and will be joining the IJM Rwanda team in August as their new Executive Assistant. So, when I head out of Uganda, and you’re having blog withdrawals, click over to her blog: A Window in Rwanda (she’s a great writer). And stay tuned for future parallel-life ventures. We’re already talking about going to get our PhDs in Theology in Scotland (during which time we’ll bake copious amounts of brownies and pick wildflowers along the loch – yes, we are very liberated females). πŸ˜‰


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4 responses to “Snapshots #20: Skype Date

  1. love it! i just skyped with a friend in kigali today! if jennica is there early august, she should totally meet my friend hannah.

    i think i sent you her contact information already, but if not, you can find her at:

    • Kandyce, yes, that would be great! I remember you telling me about her, but I never made it down to Rwanda again, so didn’t really follow up. Jennica gets to Kigali on Aug 20 – is that too late to met Hannah? At any rate, I’ll tell her about Hannah’s blog – I am sure any friends/church/life that she could help plug Jennica into would be really helpful.

  2. Rachel

    hey, we should have one of those someday soon! it’s been too long my friend!

  3. Roya

    This makes me very happy πŸ™‚

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