Snapshots #21: A Foodie’s Paradise

It probably comes as a surprise to none of you that I just happen to really enjoy food. Like, a lot. Baking, cooking, eating, even just reading cookbooks makes me one happy girl. My absolute favorite is any sort of ethnic food, and Kampala is an absolute gem when it comes to cool international restaurants. Granted, the quality isn’t as good as you might find elsewhere, but the variety is great. Indian, Turkish, Ethiopian, Italian, Lebanese, even a token Mexican restaurant (good fajitas, but their chips taste like fried sandpaper) – it’s all here in Kampala.

The cost of eating out is much lower than it is in the States, so while it’s still a treat to eat out, it’s a much more affordable treat here. Last night found Ryan, Jon, Gloria and I at Casablanca, enjoying a family platter of injera and traditional Ethiopian coffee – with incense wafting across the table for atmosphere (all I could think of was being in an Eastern Orthodox church).

I’m definitely going to miss nights like that when I’m back in the States – somehow I doubt I’ll find any authentic Ethiopian restaurants tucked away on the country lanes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


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3 responses to “Snapshots #21: A Foodie’s Paradise

  1. Wait, you’re going to Maryland’s eastern shore?! Why? I’m from MD and spent my college years on the western shore….gorgeous!

    • Yes! I am going to a residential leadership school-type-thing (it’s sorta hard to explain), called Trinity Forum Academy – in between Easton and St. Michaels, if you are familiar with those places. I blogged briefly about it here. I am so excited – I have really fond memories of exploring the Chesapeake when I was little. (ps – I will reply to your email shortly!) 🙂

  2. move to denver. we have a LOT of ethiopian restaurants here. and markets. and, well, ethiopians. j and i just added one more to the bunch when we picked up a refugee arrival from the airport last night. 🙂

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