Snapshots #25: Simple Plants…

… can make a whole lotta difference in someone’s life (one of the many valuable lessons I’ve learned in Uganda).

This is a typical village house with the empanyi plant surrounding it:

Empanyi is the local Luganda word for a short, bright green plant that people use as boundary markers, to separate their land from their neighbors. For such an unassuming plant, it often has a big role to play in our casework. Some of our cases have directly involved planning these boundaries as  the binding sign of agreement between two opposing parties in a family – marking the final act of reconciliation between victim and perpetrator.

I love that IJM works with traditional customs to secure property security for our clients. And now, I always get a little twinge of excitement when I see it circling a random house in the village.



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2 responses to “Snapshots #25: Simple Plants…

  1. Mom

    PNG used boundary plants too. Remember them- they got kind of tallish and had green/red leaves???

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