Snapshots #27: Inside My Head

I’ve been doing a photo-a-day this month, with the hopes that my readers could get a better glimpse into my life in Uganda – you know, the daily ins and outs. But I realized that you haven’t really gotten a good glimpse into my recent thoughts – you’ve stayed up-to-date with my recent comings and goings, perhaps, but not my recent thoughts. So here they are, in all their articulate glory:

This just stinks.

This leaving. This saying goodbye. This looking back and wondering where the time when. These short conversations with staff in the office when they ask for the 77th time if it’s really possible that I could be leaving so very shortly. These rumblings of new and exciting things happening with IJM Uganda – and knowing I won’t be around for it all.

I told myself the other day, “Krista. You’ve really got to stop investing yourself so deeply in people and places and seasons. It’s just not sustainable. Who can live with so many goodbyes and transitions and changes, every year, without fail?”

I still have 10 days here before I leave, but the thoughts of goodbyes weigh heavily on my mind every day. I try to look on the bright side, reflecting on how grateful I am to have had this year here. How proud I’ll be to tell people I worked for IJM Uganda. How much I’ve learned. How much confidence I’ve gained. But all that’s for another reflective post on how Uganda has changed me for the better.

I’m hoping that a reflective, happy post will be coming shortly, but for now, I’m just in the “this just stinks” phase.

*PS. I know that today is the 28th, not the 27th, as the title hints –  just trying to do a little catch-up since power was out last night.


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3 responses to “Snapshots #27: Inside My Head

  1. hi lady,
    sort of unrelated to this post, but i was wondering if you’d be interested in guest posting on my blog sometime in the next two weeks. you just packed up and shipped off to uganda, and we’re about to do the same thing to india. would you like to post a bit about travel, or living abroad, or things you wished you knew before going, or something to that effect? let me know. 🙂

    • hey! wow! my first request for a guest post. 🙂 i’d be delighted! although these next two weeks are craaaazzy. i think i can make time for it this weekend, if that’d be okay? you can post it anytime after that i suppose. but yes definitely count me in. 🙂 you’ll have to do a post swap sometime soon – maybe when i’m back in the states and my readers are pining for the adventure of the overseas life! 🙂

  2. hannahcarroll

    Hey Krista,
    Those thoughts sound very familiar…I know how you feel. Mommy told me once, “It hurts deeply because we love deeply,”. And as much as I know it will be hard to say goodbye, I am very glad to have had you as a part of our family. I love you!

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