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This blog has moved

Dear faithful readers,

From my blog stats, it looks like quite a few of you are popping onto this blog to check out what’s new. This blog has been retired, with thanks for its faithful service. But don’t fret, because I’m still blogging! From now on I’ll be blogging at See, isn’t it pretty?

 You can subscribe to this new one just like before – just go to the homepage and follow the instructions under “Subscribe to this blog” to get it delivered to your inbox. I’ve just written a new post, so please check it out!

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Over and Out from Africa

It’s my last night in Kampala. It’s been a full weekend of goodbyes, of laughter and sadness, last-minute shopping and packing. In the interest of time I decided to kill two birds with one stone and combine my last blog and newsletter into one. So if you don’t currently subscribe to my newsletter, click on this link: July/Aug 2011, to read my reflections over the last 46 weeks.

This will be the last post from ‘a year in uganda‘, but I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog which is migrating today to a more generic

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. For all the comments and blog hits and encouraging emails from around the world. You are all blessings to me!

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Fleeting Moments

56 hours before I am on a plane bound for London. It’s 1 am but I don’t want to go to bed because I hate spending any of those 56 hours sleeping. The days are full, from early in the morning to late at night, with so many moments to treasure:

A hectic week at work full of 10-hour days wrapping up, organizing, and training the new EA –  last emails written, last papers filed, last meetings confirmed. A Friday night dinner with IJM friends – last chance to laugh about office jokes in IJM-acronym-speak, followed by a late night cup of tea at Endiro Coffee, my favorite coffee shop.

Saturday afternoon visiting Claire at her new house, playing airplane with her 18-month old son, learning how to make eshabwe, a southwestern Ugandan ghee-based delicacy, spending hours curled up on her couch talking about everything from family to marriage to swearing to church… wondering if we’ll have more face-to-face conversations this side of eternity… a tearful goodbye.

A misguided boda ride that stretched from 20 minutes to a full hour, taking me the scenic way back to Kampala, through villages and gardens and schools and dirt roads.

Dinner at Francis’ and Harriet’s house, a dear family who have adopted the IJM interns as their own… singing, laughing, dancing, and praying late into the night with their two young kids and the neighbors.

Tomorrow morning I am up early to meet a friend for breakfast, followed by my last day of church and Christ Community fellowship. Monday is full of last-minute shopping, an exciting trip to the clinic to see what amoeba and bacteria have made my insides their home, and of course, the dreaded packing.

I hope to write a post in the next few days about looking back over my year here, but I’m not going to make any promises. I’m finding it hard  to tear myself away from the people and moments that have made life here so full and beautiful. There are just too many precious moments to catch hold of before they are gone.

But for now, in case you were wondering – it’s all still surreal to be leaving in just two days. Very surreal.

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