I’m spending September 2o1o – August 2011 in Uganda, serving with the International Justice Mission (IJM), as the Executive Assistant to the Field Office Director in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. IJM is a Christian human rights agency that seeks justice for the marginalized poor around the world. They take casework in many countries, and work with local authorities and legal systems to enforce human rights for the most vulnerable members of society.

In Uganda, our casework focuses on illegal property seizure.  When a husband dies, his extended family often tries to steal property and resources from the widow and her children, through violence and coersion. Although this property seizure is officially illegal, threats and lack of legal infrastructure often prevent justice from being served. In our project area, IJM estimates that up to 55% of widowed families have their property stolen each year.

Serving with IJM is a dream come true for me. I have been interested in IJM since 2004, when I first heard of their work fighting child prostitution on my missions trip to Cambodia. Throughout my last few years at Taylor University, I have learned much about the heart of God in this area – how His love is a righteous love, and how his heart burns for justice for His children that are unrightfully abused, oppressed, and marginalized. It has been my prayer for many years that I could become involved in securing justice for these forgotten members of society, with the firm belief that as a Christian, God has called us unmistakably to be involved in this sort of work, for His glory and His kingdom.
As the Executive Assistant, I will be serving as the personal assistant to the Field Office Director, coordinating communication with IJM headquarters in DC, and overseeing various administrative tasks in the office. I am so thrilled to serve with IJM in this capacity in Uganda. This opportunity to serve with IJM will allow me to put into practice all that I’ve learned throughout the last few years, and I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect fit for my next step in life. Join me as we seek to empower the most vulnerable members of society and show them God’s passionate heart for justice.

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