For Your Viewing Pleasure

A few of you responded to my poll in my most recent update letter that you’d like to hear more about the casework of IJM. Well, today is your lucky day!!! Check out these links for a better glimpse into the work and passion of IJM Uganda.


Read A Day in Court, from onewhiteguy. Scott, the Communications Fellow for IJM Uganda, wrote this update on a case  that IJM Uganda has been working on for the last few months. His writing is always clear and very descriptive, so take some time to peruse the rest of his blog –  you won’t be disappointed.

Also courtesy of Scott, watch this video of a typical boda-boda ride from the neighborhood of Ntinda (where the IJM office is), to Kololo, a nice neighborhood in the centre of town. Of special note – at the 1:25 minute mark, you get a great view of the row of shops right outside my apartment. (I use the word “shop” liberally; they are really a series of shacks that sell everything from chapatis to pirated DVDS to tailored clothes to vegetables to a shoe repair place.  It’s quite convenient!)

Finally, head over to GPGOnline to virtually take part in IJM’s annual Global Prayer Gathering that just happened in DC last weekend.

At GPG Online, you can watch plenary sessions with in-person updates about IJM’s work in India and elsewhere, listen to great worship, and hear directly from a various field office directors about the work of IJM globally. Watch the Online Prayer Session: Africa, in the “On Demand” section of the website,  to hear more about IJM’s property-grabbing casework in Uganda and Zambia, and learn more about specific prayer requests coming out of the four Africa offices (Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, and Rwanda).

Well I could keep going for ages (links are some of my favorite things!)  but lest I send you into information overload, I’ll stop for now. Do take some time to check these out though, you won’t be disappointed!


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2 responses to “For Your Viewing Pleasure

  1. Dad

    Great writing and shooting by Scott! Sounds like IJM could have its own reality TV show with the drama of the court scene. In the video I saw the shops by your place! I think I even picked out where the opening was in the middle of the shops to get to your apartment complex. – Dad

  2. I really liked Scott’s article. The Boda ride looks like fun! Can’t wait to be there with you this summer!

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